Open Internet Disclosure

Open Internet Disclosure:

The following policies apply to mass market broadband Internet services offered by Venture Wireless. Venture Wireless also offers enterprise level services that can be individually tailored to customer needs. Information on enterprise services can be obtained by contacting Venture Wireless at 1-800-824-7282. It is Venture Wireless policy to provide robust and reliable access to the Internet for all of its mass market end user customers. Because network resources are shared by all users, Venture Wireless discloses and identifies the following policies govern its mass market Internet service. These policies are designed to: (i) ensure that shared network resources are allocated fairly among all users; (ii) allow users and prospective users to understand service policies and any significant limitations on the service; and (iii) provide a foundation that assures customers that they can rely on consistently receiving the level and quality of service to which they subscribe. Venture Wireless does not block access to, nor discriminate against, any lawful website or Internet application. Customers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the following policies which are deemed part of their Service Agreement. By using Venture Wireless Internet service, the customer accepts, agrees to be bound by and to strictly adhere to, these policies. The customer also agrees to be responsible for compliance with these policies by third parties, such as friends, family members or guests that make use of the customer’s service accounts or equipment to access the network for any purpose, with or without the permission of the customer.


Venture Wireless Terms and Conditions of Service

Additionally, as the underlying facilities provider for the mobile broadband service, the Acceptable Use Policy of its underlying facilities provider is also applicable to the mobile broadband service.


All traffic management for the mobile broadband service is controlled by its underlying facilities provider. Accordingly, Venture Wireless mobile broadband service adheres to the network management practices of its underlying facilities provider. Venture Wireless Open Internet Disclosure for Mobile Broadband November 20, 2011

Device Attachment Policies. Venture Wireless device attachment rules and restrictions are consistent with the device attachment rules and restrictions of its underlying facilities provider.

Except as disclosed herein, Venture Wireless does not impose any further device attachment rules or limitations in addition to those of its facilities provider.

Privacy Policies. While Venture Wireless collects personally identifiable information in order to provide the mobile broadband service and to bill for this service, Venture Wireless does not collect any information concerning the customer’s visited websites, application usage or other Internet activity.

However, customers should be familiar with the privacy policies of Venture Wireless underlying facilities provider.

Questions regarding network management, including related policies regarding device attachments and privacy, should be directed to Venture Wireless at 1-800-824-7282 or



Redress. All end users and edge providers that have questions or complaints regarding Venture Wireless mobile broadband service should contact Venture Wireless at 1-800-824-7282 or An "edge provider" refers to any content, application, service, and device provider, which generally operates at the edge rather than the core of the network.